Maggie Boraz


Do you want to learn to sketch, to draw, to paint?

Thank you for your interest by visiting my site.

I am currently accepting private students for instruction in visual arts, by Zoom.

I expose my students to a variety of media in order to explore that which speaks to them best, allowing for ultimate self expression. 

We use pencil, charcoal, pastel (chalk and oil) acrylic, watercolor and oil paint. We explore traditional methods of the artists before us, and find contemporary expression in collage and mixed media.

Through time I have learned the critial role art can play in the overall well-being of both children and adults alike.  Because art is one universal language we can share, art speaks where verbal communication may be lacking.

In addition to teaching traditonal visual art,  my focus has included working with those in challenged communities, especially those who are non-verbal and on the Spectrum.

If you wish to learn more, please make contact and we can discuss a tailored program of learning that will best suit your goals of expression.

I look most forward to speaking with you.